Welcome GGWSL to the CSAN online registration!  Register here for CSAN Player Passes. 

Click on the Registration button in the upper right corner to get started.

Recommended: Read all of the instructions below before registering.

PREFERRED REGISTRATION METHOD: Each player registers individually.

You will need all of the information that is on the paper CSAN form: 

  • REQUIRED INFO: Player Name, Address, Date of Birth, phone number, email address.
  • Current front facing, headshot picture of player, ready to upload. A photo taken with a phone is acceptable. Photos should be ready to upload.  Returning players do not need a new picture, however, you can update your pic if you have a new look!
  • Optional info: Emergency contact information: Name and phone number.
  • You will need a credit card ready for payment.

Once you have all of the above information for yourself, click on the Registration button in the upper right corner to get started.

  • IMPORTANT Note: The player information will be saved until you are ready to complete registration and pay. If you logout without completing the registration, the player information may not be saved, so it's a good idea to complete the transaction once you start.

If you do not see your team listed: This means your team will need to fill out the CSAN Team Annual Mandatory Form and send it to CSAN. Once they have the form, your team will be added to the list. Or, your team roster is full and your team manager will need to release a player before a new player can register. To release a player, follow the instructions here. Once the player is released, a new player can be added to the team roster.  

CSAN will process the registrations for player passes in the CSAN office.

During the registration process, you will be asked if you want to

-Pick up the player passes in the CSAN office (CSAN will process the individual registrations and bundle the team player passes for pickup by the team manager)


-Have the player passes mailed to the address you provide on your profile. You can also enter in an alternate mailing address. You should receive the player passes within 7 to 10 days. It's recommended to have the player passes bundled and sent to the team manager.

The team manager can still register the team on Affinity, however this is the less preferred method.   Follow the above instructions, when you are logged in as the team manager you will be able to add players to the team.  Accept the Electronic Legal Agreement (ELA) for the registered players. The team manager will be responsible for getting the ELA signed by the players, with an e-signature or paper CSAN waiver. The signed waiver/ELA is required and CSAN will verify that the waiver has been signed before issuing the player pass.

Refer back to the GGWSL Player Registration procedures for additional information.

If you have questions regarding the registration process, please click on the Affinity Help Center button on the left. Once on the Help Center page, there is a button to SUBMIT A REQUEST on the upper right corner. (Also check out the FAQs on the Help Center, as it can be very informative)

Contact Affinity first, if it is a CSAN issue, they will refer you to the CSAN office. 

Click on the instructional video on the right for a registration tutorial.

(please note, GGWSL does not require the CA Drivers License mentioned in the video and will mail player passes to the team manager)

All players are required to sign the Affinity Electronic Legal Agreement/CSAN Waiver

CSAN and the GGWSL thank you for registering online with Affinity!

Registration Instructional Videos:

Cal North Adult Team Captain Registration - English

Registracion Como Capitan Del Equipo - Spanish

Returning Players Cal North Registration-English

Registracion para jugadores en el sistema-Spanish

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